Results Samba Cup 2023

Here will be results of Samba Cup F5J 2023


Samba Cup F5J 2022 is finished but we cant wait for next year already! Congratulations to winners and all that feel this was fantastic 😉
A video might come in some days.
Winner senior was Jan Vacha, Cze (Prestige 2pk/Cobra).
Winner Woman was Jana Sterbova, CZE (Prestige 2PK)
Winner Junior Nicolas Chansard, FRA (Prestige 2PK)
Winner 65+ Lennart Arvidsson, SWE (Explorer 4/5)

Results in PDF:
Final results
Final details
Preliminary results
Preliminary details
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Peliminary results link (finished midday sunday 29.05.2022)
Finals results (finished)


Results after finals

Results after preliminary

picture from Saturday during flights

Start saturday mid-day

Just before start. Flags represent Nations attending and in our hearts