Pike Superior

Models and spare parts are no longer available

PIKE Superior is finally here. NEW: Now also with X-tail
At last a completely new model from Samba for F3J, F3B.
It was constructed by the newest knowledge about aerodynamics and about the construction of the models that guarantee the big strength of the models by small weight. And also we took advantage of our many years experience

Development and the production :
In June 2001 the prototype was finished of styropor and balsa. We have tested the qualities of the model for 4 months and it was great. It was just like we wanted, the qualities are as we expected. After small changes we the final version of the model is now in production.
Model was tested by Ing. Jan Kohout and Jaroslav Tupec. The production of the molds was made with CAD-CAM technology. The tooling was made on 3D professional cutter that works with 0,02 mm precision. The result are really very exact molds.

There are different versions available and also different fuses.:
- X-tail with all moving elevator
- V-tail one piece in two different sizes available
- All fuselages are made of hybrid Carbon/Kevlar cloth. Glass fuselage is also available.
- All bolts, keys, control horns, brass ends for pushrods and the wiring connector for fuse/wing are standard equipment for all models.
- All spars are made of UMS Carbon fiber (high modular Carbon) without any extra cost!


Wing span: 3300 mm
Wing area: 66,5 dm2
The profile in the center of the wing: HQ/W 2,5/8 - the camber and the thickness is gradually changed to the end of the wing
Flying weight: 1860 - 2180g -it depends on the version of the strength
Ballast tube: 600 g - 1700 g - depends on the version and CG
Joiners are 11,5x11,8 mm (bigger than the old one)
3-piece wing. The leading edge is ellipsed. The flaps and ailerons are bottom hinged that makes better aerodynamics because we don't need big servo covers.
The seating of the wings and V-tail is very strong and precise. There is also X-tail available.

- Standard:
Glass cloth with Carbon flaps and ailerons. Steel pushrods. 500g ballast possible
Weight: V-tail apx. 2140g, X-tail apx. 2230g
- Carbon 68 SL:
Full carbon 68g/dm. Steel pushrods. This model is for weak conditions only. Strength of spar 80%. No ballast.
Weight: V-tail apx. 1900g, X-tail apx. 1990g
- Carbon 68 F3J:
Full Carbon 68g/dm. 500g ballast and steel pushrods.
Weight: 1-piece V-tail 1980g, X-tail 2070g
- Light:
Carbon 80g/dm centre section, carbon 80g/dm D-box wing tips and Carbon aileron and flaps.
Steel pushrods. 500g ballast.
Weight: V-tail apx. 2050g, X-tail apx. 2140g
- Carbon F3J:
Full Carbon 80g/dm wings. 500g ballast and steel pushrods.
Weight: 1-piece V-tail 2080g, X-tail 2170g
- Carbon F3B:
Full Carbon 80g/dm wings. 1500g ballast and steel pushrods.
Weight: 1-piece V-tail 2170g, X-tail 2250g

Differences between PIKE Plus and PIKE SUPERIOR
Three times champions in the Czech championship F3J 2002- much more better gliding quality
- better penetrating
- faster tows
- very good circling flight
- very good handling by landing
- the flaps are broader - 60 mm