Prestige 2PK Vtail

All versions of the Prestige 2PK are now available with a V-Tail option. 

  • Solid core rohacell 
  • Unique "L-Bend" pushrods for easy assembly
  • Long brass control horns for better servo travel/resolution
  • V-tail boom fits all nose pods
  • Same servo installation as X-tail
  • NEW the PRO version is now available also with V-tail


FAI weight is Xtail 1040g (79,3dm + 7,33dm) and Vtail 1058g (79,3dm + 8,84dm

Prestige Vtail initial setup (Jo Grini)
CG 109-121mm tested with 1070g to 2800g.
Elevator speed2 down 1mm
Elevator thermal 0mm
Elevator speed1 down 0,5mm
Elevator up 11mm / down 15mm (25 with brake)
Brake half down 7mm, full down 9mm
Rudder up 11mm down 10mm