Samba Model has almost 30 years of composite fabrication experience. We specialize in RC sailplane/aircraft and industrial drone fabrication utilizing cutting edge techniques and materials. 

In the beginning we started with the technology of making wings with styrofoam cores laminated with a thin wood veneer in a vacuum. This is how we made models for ourselves and our friends. Very soon we started to produce wings with sandwich technology, which we improved. We have always used epoxy molds with a steel frame.

Since 2004, we have started using CNC machines for the production of molds. Today, we have a large CNC milling machine with a working area of ​​1200 x 2000 mm, used mainly for the production of duralumin molds and three smaller CNC machines that mill mainly Rohacell cores. The latest PRESTIGE 2PK model is already produced entirely in aluminum molds electrically heated to up to 80 ° C. The wings, elevator and rudder are manufactured using the “full Rohacell core” technology, in which a pre-milled precision Rohacell core is inserted into the molds on a CNC milling machine. The molds are heated and pressurized to 3 bar. We use high modulus carbon fabrics and rovings for the outer layer and spar. The combination of technologies used, high pressure and high temperature creates a very light solid, time and temperature stable product.

Radio control aircraft production

CNC aluminum molds-


RC Sailplane  production-

Drone/Industrial Projects-

So far, we have collaborated on several smaller projects and on two larger ones. The bigger ones were the interesting cooperation with TEXTRON - Aerosonde and Kitemil. We have benefited and improved the commonly used lamination technology on these projects. We offer cooperation in the production of more demanding laminated products, which emphasizes quality, low weight and high strength. We also offer the production of prototype molds for various uses. We own our own milling capacity with a maximum dimension of the machined area of 1200 x 2000 mm.