Prestige F5J

Available versions
- F5J FAI version , RTF weight 1040g, stiffness spar – 12%
- F5J Light version , RTF weight 1150g – 1250 g, stiffness spar– 12%
- F5J Normal version, RTF weight 1350g – 1530g, stiffness spar – 50%
- F5J STORM version , RTF weight 1650 - 1700g – stiffness spar – 80%

V-tail option is also available

You can select from a 30mm firewall diameter or a 32mm diameter when ordering your model. 

 Kit includes-

  • Installed wring harness in wing center panel 
  • Pre made wire harness for fuse
  • Servo covers
  • Pushrod couplers and clevises
  • 6 degree carbon fiber wing joiners

Optional parts-

  • Ballast kit
  • Wing/Tail/Fuse protective covers
  • 8 degree carbon fiber wing joiners 
  • IDS for wing surfaces (see below)

The Prestige 2PK F5J is available with servorahmen IDS installed in the wings. You can choose from the following IDS options for the Flaps and Ailerons-

  • IDS kits supplied with kit but not installed
  • IDS installed (no servos installed)
  • IDS installed and servos installed
  • Fuselage servo installation is also available  

Please refer to the price list for cost of the above options. 

Typical servo options for Flap IDS-

  • KST X10 Mini
  • MKS 6130
  • JR 189
  • MKS 6110 (standard-light models only)

Typical servo options for Aileron IDS-

  • KST X10 Mini
  • MKS 6130
  • JR 189
  • MKS 6110 

Prestige 2PK Order form here