Pike Precision 2 Ordering Information

The current delivery time for a Precision 2 model is 6 weeks. Please contact us to place your order and we would be happy to get your model in the production schedule. 

If you are in need of spare parts please contact us. Delivery time for spare parts is 6 weeks.

Please email us with your paint/graphic designs. You can download a blank graphics template or see stock graphics and available paints here. 

Model information needed when ordering-

  • Model type- F3F, F3B
  • Model layup- ????
  • Wing control type- LDS installed for Flaps/Ailerons, servo type desired, LDS installed and servos installed, no LDS, etc...
  • Desired Graphics
  • Specify if ballast is needed
  • Specify if wing bags are needed

Contact us here

To see if there are any available models in stock click here.