Pike Giant

Models and spare parts are no longer available

Pike Giant the chameleon of F3X?
After the success of the Brio we knew we had a good base to work with. By making some longer new tips we suddenly had a high aspect ratio wing that would perform very well in F3J. This plane is fast and nimble at the same time!

The Pike Giant is a Pike Brio but with new bigger tips.
Prototype was first tested in WC F3J 2004 by Jo Grini. Jo brought home 1000points in difficult rounds when nobody flew full times. In EC F3J 2005 Jaroslav Tupec brought it for windy rounds. The model have what is needed for new F3J style flying. This means more aggressive flying yet still be able to slowly work some neutral air with huge camber. The Pike Giant have a range that makes it THE weapon for working the last of a thermal far away and be able to come home. Ballast in windy conditions is no longer needed with this model.
The weights are in the range 1900-2200 depending on lay-up and fuse chosen. Wingspan is 3,3m, area 64dm and airfoil used is MG-06. The spar for Pike Giant is even stronger than the one used for Pike Brio. Fuses are the same as Brio and Superior so they can be combined. This means One can choose from X-tail, V-tail and even 2-piece V-tail fuses.
The model have already been used for success in several Nationals and European Championship F3J.