Pike Precision 2 F3B

Pike Precision2 has shown what it can do in F3F but it is also extremely well suited for F3B. With low weight and very stiff wings it can launch on the winch to the moon and fly very crisp and straight turns. It is also a very good thermal model that can turn very tight thermal turns without loosing energy. It can also be ordered with 7,5 instead of 6 degree joiner so it is even more fun doing thermal soaring.

Already the first year it was very succesful at World Championship winning Indivdual by Bernhard Flixeder and as team the Austria team did very well flying a combination of Precision1 and 2.

And in 2019 Andreas Bohlen, SUI won the World Championship F3B

Team Austria at World Championship F3B 2017
In the middle World Champion F3B 2017 Bernhard Flixeder with his Precision2


Andreas Bohlen, SUI World Champion F3B 2019 - Congratulations!
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