Pike Paradigm

Our new project, which we are currently working on intensively, is PIKE Paradigm. This model is designed by Philip Kolb and Benjamin Rodax. The model is designed for the GPS Sport category, which is very well developed in Europe. Also it is great for slope alpine flying or flying for fun anywhere because it has an electric motor. The model will have a wingspan of 4726 mm, three-part wings. Diameter for spinner will be 38 mm. PIKE Paradigm will be the first model in this size category which will be made with full Rohacell core technology. Thanks to this technology, Pike Paradigm can be produced much stronger compared to sandwich technology at the same RTF weight. On the beginning it will be made with crostail and later also as V tail version.

Commercial sales have started! send us an email :-) 

HOT news: Philip Kolb wins WCH GPS Sports class 2022 and also Team with Tobias Ebner! Read about it in the news section

 2021.11 Forms for centre panel and tips are finished