Prestige 2PK Instructions

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Prestige 2PK PDF Instructions

IDS Installation files and photos-

Mount for gluing IDS levers to flaps and ailerons.

It is possible to order a Prestige 2PK equipped with IDS.
For those who want to install the servos themselves, we have prepared a mount, which can be printed on a 3D printer to stick the control horns to the flaps and ailerons.
In particular, the position of the lever in the flap is very important for the correct
function of the IDS system.

Mount for flaps and ailerons
Materiel PLA
Filing 25%
repair the hole with a 1 mm drill bit
Flap Mount STL File

Aileron Mount STL File

Stand for fuselage
Filing 25%
You need add FOAM 2x6x78 mm
Silicon door stopper 8mm 4 pcs underside
Fuse Stand STL File