Pike WR

Models and spare parts are no longer available

Pike w.r. is designed for compete F3F category with aggressive wing tips for fast flying. The model is built for very hard - extreme- conditions on the slopes. This model is very fast and easy to control. You can fly also F3B category with PIKE w.r.
Pike W.R.
Specification: Wing span: 2930 mm
Length: 1425 mm
Wing area: 59,6 dm2
V-tail area: 7 dm2
Wing section: RG 15 mod.

Versions and their weights:
Glass version: 2200 g
Carbon version: 2250 g
Double carbon - eXtreme: 2420 g
- carbon / rohacell or herex / carbon

The weights are for models with 2-piece tail.
All versions are with carbon flaps and ailerons.


Pike-WR 10/8-00 CG 103mm

Hook : 101mm from leading edge

(115mm from nose cone inside hook, CG 118mm from cone)

Surface/acting as Mode Direction Travel
Aileron/Aileron start up 12mm all measured at wing tip, 20% expo
speed up 12mm
Thermal up 14mm
start down 2-3mm
speed down 4mm
thermal down 4mm
Flap/Aileron start up 5mm all measured at wing root
speed up 5mm
thermal up 5mm
start down 3mm
speed down 3-5mm
thermal down 3mm
Aileron/Crow All up 12mm at tip
Flap/Crow All down 90degr at root
Elevator/crow mix All down 4/4,5mm measurement at half/full crow at ele tip. 
Elevator All up 6mm all measured at tip, 20% expo
Elevator Speed up apx 4mm Max movement -9/+10
Elevator All down 6mm Elevator central while flying thermal +1mm. (depp. CG/flap)
Elevator Speed down apx 4mm
Rudder race up 6mm 60% expo. please no combi switch... 
Rudder thermal up 6mm
Rudder race down 5mm 60% expo
Rudder thermal down 5mm
Speed flap (flap) speed up 1-2mm ? Used in good air. Equal along all trailing edge, measurement taken at ail tip. NOT after entering the speed-task F3B
Speed flap (ail) speed up 1mm Used in good air. Measured at tip
Speed flap (ele) speed down 0.8mm Measured at tip. this is neutral in speed and distance.
Start flap (flap) start down 8mm
Start flap (ail) start down 3mm Measured at tip
Start flap (ele) start down 1mm Measured at tip
Thermal flap (flap) thermal down 2mm
Thermal flap (ail) thermal down 0.6mm Measured at tip
snap flap (flap) light air down 3mm Root. All snap flap is on a curve with max at 50% elev
Snap flap (ail) light air down 0.8mm at tip
snap flap (flap) good air down 7mm Root total with speed flap, careful with this much.
Snap flap (ail) good air down 1.8mm at tip