Pike WR

Models and spare parts are no longer available

Pike w.r. is designed for compete F3F category with aggressive wing tips for fast flying. The model is built for very hard - extreme- conditions on the slopes. This model is very fast and easy to control. You can fly also F3B category with PIKE w.r.
Pike W.R.
Specification: Wing span: 2930 mm
Length: 1425 mm
Wing area: 59,6 dm2
V-tail area: 7 dm2
Wing section: RG 15 mod.
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Versions and their weights:
Glass version: 2200 g
Carbon version: 2250 g
Double carbon - eXtreme: 2420 g
- carbon / rohacell or herex / carbon

The weights are for models with 2-piece tail.
All versions are with carbon flaps and ailerons.