Prestige F3J

The Prestige 2PK is now available in an F3J version. Possibly the only F3J model on the market up till now that features solid core rohacell technology. Available in two versions, F3J Light and standard F3J. 

V-tail option is also available.

-F3J FAI version, RTF weight 1800 – 1880g, stiffness spar – 100%

-F3J 130% version, RTF weight 2000g, stiffness spar – 130%

Essentially the F3J version is made from the same molds as the F5J, the difference being in the layup of the parts/spar. Of course a tow hook is mounted. The nose is still a "pod" however a "nose" is attached to this pod to get the desired shape for the front of the pod. Servos can be installed in the same manner as the F5J boom, however you can also mount rudder/elevator servos under the canopy.

By keeping the servos in the boom you can easily swap out the pod for an electro version to have a "windy" F5J model.

We were inspired by Stig Magne Olsen. He placed the KST-508 servos in the fuselage under the wings instead of MKS 6110 HV (for F5J version).

Mounting is a little more difficult, requiring several fuselage and servo modifications, but it's possible and works great. We recommend fitting the assembly at the Samba model workshop.
Advantage of KST X12-508: you save money for second fuselage, rudder, receiver and two servos. You invest small money for F3J nose and receiver accu (2 x Lion 18650)
Tow hook is easily removable.
There is only one disadvantage with the KST X12-508 under the wing. Plane is about 40 g heavier - you have to put some ballast on the nose instead of two servos. (with servos in the cabin version, only 2 servos and 2 x Lion 18650 there is no lead needed)

Big thanks Stig Magne Olsen for the suggestion for improvement.

Start settings for winch: 
Initial setting / downwind: 10mm flap and aileron equal to flap. and elevator set so the model flight in free flight is almost straight or slightly up. Then adjust hook for good angle.
For faster launch with hook on critical setting. 5mm flap and equal aileron. Same elevator set for free flight neutral or a bit up. Then set hook for very hard climb.
For bungee start a more down elevator setting needs to be used


Prestige 2PK nose cones for F3J versions. It is made for electro version nose cone but from diameter 30 mm. The new version is nicer and more fluent shape than 32mm nose cone nose.

Kit includes-

  • Installed wring harness in wing center panel 
  • Pre made wire harness for fuse
  • Servo covers
  • Pushrod couplers and clevises
  • 6 degree carbon fiber wing joiners

Optional parts-

  • Ballast kit
  • Wing/Tail/Fuse protective covers
  • 8 degree carbon fiber wing joiners 
  • IDS for wing surfaces (see below)

The Prestige 2PK F5J is available with servorahmen IDS installed in the wings. You can choose from the following IDS options for the Flaps and Ailerons-

  • IDS kits supplied with kit but not installed
  • IDS installed (no servos installed)
  • IDS installed and servos installed
  • Fuselage servo installation is also available  

Please refer to the price list for cost of the above options. 

Typical servo options for Flap IDS-

  • KST X10 Mini
  • MKS 6130
  • JR 189

Typical servo options for Aileron IDS-

  • KST X10 Mini
  • MKS 6130
  • JR 189
  • MKS 6110