Pike Precision LDS

  LDS system for Pike Precision F3B/F3F/GPS

We have not found reliable, accurate, long life LDS with easy and quick exchange of servo.
No compromises should be made so we have worked together with the MPJ company and improved the current LDS systems. We also stock many major brand servos or get for good prices in short time for installation in customer ordered models.
Currently available LDS frames examples is for JR (DS 181/189 HV servos), Grp (3288+), Futaba (example 7273), MKS (ex. 6130 6625 6110 +)  KST (X10 X10mini +), Bluebird, Turnigy, CHAservo, + some more. Many brands share same output segment (ouput shaft).

System can be bought ready installed in model or separate. Highly recommend ready installed in model as flap/aileron horns will be glued before mould is closed..

    Advantages of new LDS system:

1. High accuracy and long life-span thanks to mounting of steel shaft rods on both sides with brass tube.
Diameter of the shaft at servo is 2 mm and in the aileron and flap 1,6 mm

2. Very easy and quick servo replacement.
Remove screws that fasten servos to the frame and then loosen bolt (position no 14), that tighten the dural segment on the servo output.


     How to dismount servos

1. Remove screws that fasten servos to the frame and loosen up the bolt in dural segment

2. lift the servo a little with scalpel or sharp screwdriver according to picture

3. insert the screwdriver between servo and dural segment and push out the servo

Weight of complete system 4 servos is 143g (servos 4x22g LDS 4x14g)
There is also slight weight save in ail/flap surface because of less weight epoxy/horn