Models and spare parts are no longer available

Kobra is model for F3F category. You get it also nearly finished only install your radio. It has 2-piece wing with ballast tubes in the wings. The T-TAIL fuselge has the keel in the nose for your radio.
The Kobra molds is reworked and model is currently
being made by Jo Grini in Norway
jojo(at)vfkm.no - www.jojoen.no

Wing span: 2520 mm
Length: 1193 mm
Wing area: 47,9 dm2
Tail area: 4,9 dm2
Wing section: RG 15 mod.
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Versions and their weights:
Glass version: 2250 g
Carbon version: 2300g

All versions are with carbon flaps and ailerons.

1. W. Hauplik - 29 Donau - Wander pokal-Fliegen (F3F) 1997