Prestige 2PK motorsetup

Lots of motors setups are available for F5J, F3G and GPS models . Samba stocks several alternatives and have also developed and helped test specially designed propellers and motors

Image: 32mm nose cone with 32mm C.L spinner and 10x6C.L propeller from GM

The Prestige 2PK comes with 2 different nose cones.

  • 32mm nose cone is specially suited for slightly bigger motors and we have together with GM developed a special 10x6C.L propeller / 32mm C.L spinner that fits especially good on this nose. Together with a canned outrunner Dualsky XM3040EG-9 or XM3045EG-8 on 4 cells this setup is very powerful but still saves space as they are shorter than most geared motors. XM3040EG-9 is a nice multipurpose while the XM3045EG-8 is a beefed up version that can even be used for GPS light class / 2,8kg models. 3S battery is also possible with less climb rate
    The Dualsky motors and GM props we try to always have in stock as they are popular for top competition pilots. We also stock various other motors/props/spinners/batteries/regulators. Our dealers also usually have these in stock.

  • 30mm nose cone is suited for those using smaller diameter motors and/or spinner/props that need a fairly straight and round fuse to fit. 

A good F5J motor should give a climb rate of 12-16m/s deppending on weight of complete model with/without ballast. To get a good climb all parts needs to be good and fit each other. Using wrong type propeller or a bad battery can give you bad rounds or even destroy equipment if they get too hot. Too small regulator (ESC) can also give you a poor day at the field. Lots of motor setup testing have been done by Jo Grini with different setups and weights HERE: 

Full test results can be seen in this pdf

32mm nose pictures

Image: Samba and their dealers try to always stock different motorsetups for our models. That includes motors/ESC/batteries/propellers/spinners 


Installing the AXI motor in the Prestige 2PK Pro nose cone 
Download all 3D print files HERE or just the .pdf by Lex Manfred HERE