Pike Precision 2 F3G


NEW and thin F3G fuselage.The thinnest F3G fuselage on the market! The cross-sections of the hull are de facto identical to the slim F3B version. The prototype was successfully tested at the end of 2023 by Denis Duchesne. Having a thinner fuse makes a huge improvement in drag (speed) and maneuverability.

If you want to see the older electro fuse or want more space check out THIS page

These are the changes compared to the previous electric fuselage: Slimmer in the nose and boom - shortened nose - 30mm bulkhead (was 36mm) - weight reduction by 55g. The new F3G fuse is stronger despite the smaller diameters (it is made with HM carbon fabric). The fuselage is in one piece so it does not have a removable nose, but a canopy. Improved access to servos thanks to placement under with a mounting window.

Servo board are made by 3D printer for MKS 6100HV but can easily be changed to other servos. Substantial reduction in fuselage cross-section and area of surface reduction contributed to less drag.
Shortening the nose of the fuselage and the use joiner with a higher angle 7.4 ° degrees very effectively improved thermal circling in lover altitude.

Maybe we should mention that Pike Precision 2 was two times World Champion with Bernhard Flixider and Andreas Böhlen.

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Engine setup - in addition to competitive F3G pilots, the design was designed for pilots who want to fly just for fun, or use the engine just as a rescue on the slope. It is possible to mount as an example, a POWERLINE 1520 F3F TURBO , with propeller GM C.L.10/15 and similar engine with a gearbox. For recreational flying, the cheap but very powerful and reliable Xpower F2925/8 windy, with propeller CN 12/6 motor is sufficient. For both motors powerful Lipo Gens 900 mAh 4S 80C or similar from other manufacturers can be used. We wish you lots of success and a lot of fun.


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