Prestige GPS Light

The Prestige 2PK is now available for GPS Light Triangle racing. 

Key features of GPS Light model-

  • All fiberglass nose for zero interference with GPS-telemetry devices.
  • Stronger wing that can take up to 900 grams of ballast.
  • Empty flying weight of about 1900 grams .
  • Max ballasted flying weight 2598 grams to comply with rules.
  • Spar - 100% strength
  • Center panel used fabric 120g / m2
  • Tips - 58g / m2 plus D box fabric 30g / m2

The ballast tube is located in the center panel for GPS versions.  We supply 900g ballast bars, (2 bars of 450 grams) . Customers can shorten the bars to their needs.

A few words from Philip Kolb, March 2020-

Finally my new toy arrived!

I am amazed by the quality delivered by samba-Model.
Huge thanks to Eva, Jaro and Vlastimil for supplying me with this beautiful plane, which I will use (as soon as we are able to compete again) for the new GPS-triangle Lightclass.

At samba-Model they quickly adapted to the new ruleset and implemented all my wishes for changes to be done for Triangle racing.
The PRESTIGE 2PK GPS features an all glassfibre fuselage-nose to allow interference-free usage of all GPS-telemetry devices.
The wing is extra strong and can bear 900gr. of Brass ballast easily. The empty-weight will be around 1900gr. the maximum allowed AUW to comply with the GPS-Triangle rules for the Light class will be 2598gr.
Now lets see and use the time for getting this plane ready to fly. I am really excited to make a "racer" out of an F5J-plane.

Stay healthy, safe and home....and hopefully see you along the flying sites soon again!

Test flight data here

GPS Light Rules here