World Championship F5J 2023

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World Championship F5J 2023 is over. It was in many ways a successful championship. It was well organized with no big problems and we thank the organizers for using energy on the important part for us pilots and helpers. Every day they were ready for us and the timekeepers were sitting in high temperatures and high winds without complaining.

It should be said that the large flat field in Dupnitsa valley also gave us something to think about. When the wind came at its strongest (still within the 12m/s limit) it sometimes gave us rolling turbulence that was not always easy to cope with. Many dreams were broken after getting several 3 minute flights from full altitude or even higher but it also does not take away the fantastic flying the pilots on top were able to show us. Already before the competition Contest Director Sotir Lazarkov told us we would experience difficult flying when winds would come up. Many of us did not take him 100% serious but he told us the truth. From almost dead air mornings thru violent thermals picked low and heavy turbulent/rolling air coming down from the surrounding mountains. The juniors had some hard flights and had to show their absolute best to change tactics from one round to the next and control their models with much higher wing loading than maybe some were used to. We salute also the helpers in all teams that had to repair landing damages from low level landings in high wind or other damages. There were very few crashes in the air but more hard landings with light models loaded to the max and more.
We would like to congratulate all the winners in the pre-competition Ikar Cup and especially the World Championship. 32 Nations, 114 pilots (88 seniors and 26 juniors) were seniors flew 14 rounds and juniors flew 12 rounds before both flew 4 finals.

In Seniors 4 pilots flew with 2PK and 2PK PRO in Fly off

In Juniors Vice champion is Jaroslav Vostřel, CZE using 2PK and 2PK PRO
4th place Jan Kulich, CZE using 2PK 7th place Chansard Nicolas, FRA using 2PK

Juniors teams 3rd place Czech Republic all flying 2PK and 2PK PRO

Female World Champion is Marie-ange Groz, FRA flying 2PK
3rd place Jana Štěrbová, CZE flying 2PK

Here is some memories:

Woman World Champion is Marie-ange Groz, FRA flying 2PK

Woman World Champion is Marie-ange Groz, FRA flying 2PK

Czech Junior Team with Japan head bands

Czech Juniors flying 2PK PRO

Czech junior team all flying 2PK / PRO

Price giving in progress

Czech Junior team with Team Manager on podium

Junior team podium winners

Happy female bronxe and junior silver medal

Femaie podium

Female podium

Family success

Junior Jaroslav Vostrel in 2nd place

Jana Sterbova receives her silver medal

Woman World Champion is Marie-ange Groz, FRA flying 2PK


 Team Norway got 5th place all flying 2PK and PRO

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