Czech Championship F5J 2023

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Czech Championship F5J 2023 senior winner is Martin Rajšner!!!
2nd Jan Vácha, 3rd Lubos Pospisil.

In Junior category Víťa Štěrba became the Czech Champion for Junior
2nd Mikuláš Vostřel, 3rd Jan Kulich

Big congratulations.

Well flown in difficult conditions were there were some small indicators just as we were actually expecting dead air. Thanks to the organizers for a great competition!! ❤ The field is not 100% for F5J but YES it does divide the best from the next. The organization was relaxed and correct in all matters. We thank them all a lot for their work. We all had timekeepers that seemed to be dedicated.  

10 of 13 models in final was Prestige 2PK / Pro

1.místo Martin Rajšner
2.místo Honza Vácha
3.místo Luboš Pospíšil
1.místo Víťa Štěrba
2.místo Mikuláš Vostřel
3.místo Honza Kulich

Over 65 Matula, František 

Results from Preliminary rounds HERE
Results from Finals HERE

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