10th Samba cup F5J , World cup, EUROTOUR Updated Sunday

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Calm conditions but some small thermals. Weather forecast made us stop at 6 rounds and then go to 3 finals with 14 pilots. The finals were difficult with some rain front on one side and sun on the other. In the end Dominik Prestele (PlusX) won with Vitezlav Sterba (Prestige 2PK) in 2nd and Jiri Duchan (Prestige 2PK) in 3rd. 8 Prestige 2PK in the finals.  Congratulations!!

More photos and video later

 Overall results of finals here: http://www.f3x.no/sambacup2021/finaloverall.pdf 
Details: http://www.f3x.no/sambacup2021/finalroundscores.pdf 
Gliderscore: http://gliderscore.com/onlinescores.aspx?ID=1DB96efffdb43&T=F  

Overall preliminary: http://f3x.no/sambacup2021/overall54.pdf
Details preliminary: http://www.f3x.no/sambacup2021/flightscores54.pdf

Podium seniors

Junior podium

Over 65 podium

4th place - potato winner as always


Today we finished 4 complete rounds and 4 groups of round 5. 
Weather was wonderful with some difficult rounds and some rounds with low starts. We hope to finish 7 complete rounds and then finals with 14 pilots. 
We also had the Tombola with over 7000eur in prices. Each could buy 4 tickets when arriving and the tickets not sold were offered mid-day.saturday.

Overall at 5+4: http://f3x.no/sambacup2021/overall54.pdf
Details: http://www.f3x.no/sambacup2021/flightscores54.pdf

Gliderscore link: http://gliderscore.com/onlinescores.aspx?ID=233097ccacc&T=F

Here is Matrix for this years Samba Cup F5J, World cup, EUROTOUR


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