F5J Eurotour Cup Turino 2022

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F5J Eurotour Cup Turino 2022 competition. 60 pilots. It was not possible to fly on Saturday because the wind was above the limit (12m/s). On Sunday, the organizers managed to fly five basic rounds and two final flights.
1st Paolo Rota ITA PlusX
2nd Filliol Fred FRA Prestige 2 PK
3rd Radek Malčík CZE Prestige 2 PK v-tail.
Congratulations 👏👏👏
Little Story at the end. During one of the competition flights, the Zdenek Malčík's Prestige 2 PK-light landed off the horizon after a light midair. When he came for the model, the model was on the gravel road. At first look, it was clear that wing had been run over by a car. Wing looks seriously damaged. But Zdenek just removed small stones and covered the holes by tape nothing more. He made with this repaired plane two more flights. With very good results - 998.5 and 1000 points!
Zdenek Malčík plane after gravel road
Jiri and Helmut

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