Pike Superior is the most used model in WC and David Hobby from Autralia wins the World Championship!! Congrats!
Pike - model of the world championship

WC F3J 2004, Canada

David Hobby and team Aussie!
Over: A happy producer, Jaroslav Vostrel
Left: Thomas Fischer and David Hobby

1st and 3rd junior AND 1st and 3rd senior with Superior!
We would like to congratulate all the winners at WC F3J in Canada 2004 and offcourse a big cheer to David Hobby from Australia that won with his Pike Superior X-tail (carbon 2,15kg). The smiling faces from Australia did a great job!
Here are a few "Pike-pictures" from WC.

David Hobby, AUS


Thomas Fischer, GER

Philip Kolb, GER

Croatia in the finals!!

A pike gets mounted, Conni, NOR

The Aussie doctor with Pike

Martin Rajsner and Jiri Tuma

A world champion's servos

Jo Grini, NOR coming in for a landing and a typical Norwegian throw, Tor Midtlund, NOR

Seniors in flyoff

Juniors in flyoff

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