Pike Perfect ST (Spread Tow)
You are looking for a stronger plane without increasing its weight?

Pushing the frontiers in lightweight construction

New materials open doors towards higher mechanical performance. We are very proud to be able to offer you the latest development in composite construction built into our Pike perfect F3J planes now! Using spread fiber technology the latest fabrics are woven out of very thin, wide and flat tows which offer a higher fiber content in the final composite and less interlacing points. This results in a stronger plane at the same weight! We are using an 80gr/mē Spread Tow-fabric for all our Pike perfect models on customers demand.

The Advantages:
- Higher mechanical strength due to less interlacing points of the tows
- Higher strength to weight ratio due to higher fiber content. For example: We use the same amount of epoxy for the new 80gr/mē Spread Tow-fabric as for the 68gr/mē standard fabric for complete impregnation.

The Disadvantages:
- Higher price of the raw material
- Slightly visible waves in the surface because of the very thin laminate
- Small faults in the paint and layup

Pike perfect ST: For the ultimate competitor!


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