Larry Jolly sent us some emails after his first flights on his Pike Perfect

Dearest Philip,

I wish to send you this mail to thank you for your contributions and efforts to evolve F3J design to the next level. I put an hour on my new Perfect yesterday and have to tell you I am very impressed. It is a beautiful, great handling model, with fantastic capabilities.
The Team at Samba are master craftsman and the Perfect is a Masterpiece of design, fabrication, and presentation.
 In simple terms I like the way it looks, I like the way it launches, I like the way it responds, and I really like the way Perfect Lands. In fact it would be really hard to get a 95 with a Perfect. Tomorrow I have a 3 hour practice session planned, and then I will fly it in a contest on Sunday where there will be 50 contestants. I expect that the Perfect will generate great interests. I haven't got the model totally sorted out yet, but with my limited flying time on the model I can see it is a Champion, and will help me on those long 15 minute flights in the flyoffs that I seem to have trouble with.
My very best to all those involved, You, Mustafa, and the team at Samba, you are all friends and I congratulate you on the results of your efforts. Many Thanks to all of you, I look forward to seeing you soon..... Now go to Martin and Kick Ass !!!!    

Best Regards Larry Jolly    
And I now forgive you for lying to me when I asked you about the NEW MODEL DESIGN


Baron helping as Landing Coach, he gets big laughs when I fall on my butt! 
You know I am going to have to replace parachutes more often now that I fly a Perfect !

You know flying sites are at a premium in Southern California.
Always Pick a field free of obstacles for those critical first flights.
Lets see I bet I can hit that one, and that one,and that one........

The Perfect is really a lovely model. GREAT JOB, WELL DONE !




 I have a link for the scores from the first contest with Perfect. Very Hot conditions with high humidity made for tough air. The Perfect and I are getting along just fine. The landing is a line 3 meters long with 10 point graduations for each 25 CM from the centerline. I split the line on all 3 landings. Have you notice how the Perfect slips like a full size glider pretty cool.
Best regards Larry 


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