Email from David Hobby June 13. 2006:

I have just returned home after the largest Australian thermal glider competition, and won.

For a majority of the flights I used the Perfect. What a fantastic model. I only had three launches the previous Sunday to sort it out and then a couple on Friday before the competition. The launches were excellent, very strong, and the flight performance is fantastic. I just can not wait to fly it at Martin. The paint scheme on the model looks great. Thankyou.

One day was very windy so I used the Giant. The new wing tips work great. Very interesting model. I am finding the model is very good in windy weather as ecpected but it is also very nice to fly in light weather with a little camber. I need to fly it more, it has a lot of potential.


David Hobby

Link to LSF Australia - Link to scores

Matt Wood (3rd), David Hobby (1st) and Matt Lowe (2nd)