Earlier models from Samba model are also produced. If you have a special request or need some spare parts just send us a mail or call your local dealer.

We at Samba will always try to give you the very latest of model technology. That is why we have some of the best molded models that you can find. When a new model is ready some older models might not be around on the market anymore. This does not mean you cant get it or get spare parts. Off course we will deliver what YOU want at any time!

Pike Plus - 3,21m / RG-15 F3J-model.

Pike WR - 2,93m / RG-15 F3F/B-model.

Pike Mini - small fuse electro and sail with tips from either WR or Plus.

Pike V - 2,92m / RG-15 F3F/B-model.

Kobra - 2,52m / RG-15 F3F-model.