Perfect start in Martin.

22-23 September in Martin was a World Cup F3J. There were only 20 competitors
(19 from Slovakia and 1 from Poland :) ).
The weather was fine, mornings were very foogy but about 11am we started
flights. I was only competitor which used Pike Perfect SL and Pike Perfect
Carbon 68, other competitors used:
Espada RL, Espada R, Stork, Escape and Esprit.

After 6 preliminary rounds, first was Juraj Adamek who scored 5000 pts, I was
second with 4997,2 pts. In fly off's took a part 6 competitors. To the final
rounds got: Adamek Juraj, Byrski Wojciech, Nemcek Lubos, Ivancik Jan,
Littva ml.,Janko,Bartek Juraj.
The finals rounds were very interesting, the conditions were good, and the
times of towing were very short.
After first flight I wasn't happy because I have landed at 2 meter. In second
Flight I have decided To made a short start.
I have only 20-30 meters height, I found small thermal which helped me to
complete this flight very well :).
Others competitors complete also this flight but they didn't landed for 100
pts, I was only one competitor which landed for 100 pts.
With this good flight I won this competition!

I was very proud from this result.

Best Regards
Wojciech Byrski