17-18/6-2006, Arbois airfield in France
It was 65 competitors, very nice competition, very nice place and perfect organization. The most of preliminary rounds was without any problems in good thermal conditions, only morning and evening flights were difficult. But just before the start of fly off, 90 strong wind started up to 8m/s. All in the PIKE team was in fly off. We did not have any of our helpers so we would like to thank the German, France and Netherland modellers who helped us with running in fly off.
Results: 3rd Jaroslav Vostrel with Superior, 4th Marco Salvigny IT with PIKE Perfect, 5th Jaroslav Tupec with Perfect, 6th junior Tomas Kadlec with Perfect, 7th Vitezslav Sterba with Perfect and Superior and 9th Martin Rajsner with Perfect. Tomas Kadlec is 12 years old, very promising pilot was the best junior. There was 8 juniors in total

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Left: Winner Lionel Fournier. Right: Best junior Tomas Kadlec with Pike Perfect


Jaroslav landing his Superior. Martin Rajsner timing

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