2010 - F3J Jerilderie Australia
The Aussie team have attended the Jerilderie competition and did well.
63 pilots and 14 rounds. 150m to turnaround on winches

1st Joe Wurts
2nd David Hobby (Pike Perfect ET)
3rd Carl Strautins (Pike Perfect ET)

Top 20:
Joe Wurts (12000), David Hobby (11957), Carl Strautins (11954), Nic Chabrel (11920), Theo Arvanitakis (11903), John Skinner (11870), Matt Lowe (11799), Mike O'Reilly (11784), Matt Partlett (11799), Brian Ford (11756), Alan Mayhew, Jim Houdalakis, Eric Smith, Jamie Nancarrow, Brad Wilman, Bjorn Rudgley, Marcus Stent, Alan Lowe, Max Kroger, Chris Barrenge

http://www.lsfaustralia.org.au - Writeup on windsock HERE - Team Aussie has a website on Facebook HERE

Team Aussie for the World Championship in France 2010

Winchline at Jeralderie

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