Contest Eurotour F3J  6-7.5.2006 Holíč, SVK

Here are some small info about the Eurotour competition in Holíč 6-7/5
78 competitors showed up for what became a successful Eurotour F3J. Many of those were top pilots. Conditions were very difficult. Light winds changed to strong winds in gusts as a storm was coming in. But there were also calm evening rounds. It was absolutely not a landing competition as many rounds were won by only 5 minute flights.

Preliminary rounds were won by Martin Rajšner that flew a X-tail Superior (member of Czech team for WC in Martin). Vítězslav Štěrba wont the fly off with X-tail Superior (another member of Czech team) and 2nd was Jaroslav Tupec with PIKE Perfect (3rd member of Czech team). 4th Marco Salvigni, ITA with V-Superior, 6th Martin Rajšner with X-tail Superior, 8th Jan Kohout with Perfect.
Only 2 pilots had Perfect at disposal for this competition - Tupec and Kohout. But another 2 representatives should have Perfects for the WC. They fly with Superiors for now.


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