Pictures from European Championship F3J 2007

It was very windy during all the competition. Wojciech Birski  from Poland flying with Perfect coped with this conditions very well and won the preliminary rounds. The conditions for the fly off changed with the wind already reduced and Philip Kolb with Perefect won the fly off. 
At the beginning of the second fly off round Wojciech had a mid air collision but he decided to keep flying because the model seemed to be ok.
After 15 minutes he landed the model and the fin and part of rudder was missing. He managed to land for 95 points with this model and finished on the 6th position. Also Philip Kolb congratulated him for this flight and landing:-)

Jaroslav Tupec celebrated his 60th birthday on Saturday 18th of August. OF course we had to celebrate this anniversary. 18.8.  5 minutes after midnight the bathing of the honored person and some others was done. Jan Kohout was playing guitar to improve the birthday party... as the most of the evenings during all European championship. There was a great atmosphere that we kept for all of our stay in Trnava.  We wish to Jaroslav all the best for his anniversary and congratulate him to be still one of the top pilots in the age of 60.

First flying day of European Championship started as all the others, but the end of this day was not so usual. The big whirlwind - tornado rumbled over the camp and tents full of planes at about 4 pm. WE were very happy that we saved all planes even if our tents were demolished. Tornado was guided by strong rain for a long time. It became rivers on the airfield in few minutes. Unfortunately not everybody was so happy as Czech team. Some models were damaged and one member of Slovakian team was injured by flying stuff. The wind was so strong that it damaged many of the tents and also moved the caravans of the Netherland team. The happy end of this wild event was reason for celebration in the evening together with our friends from German team.

WC 2008
Visit of turkish team and handover of the world trophy to the representatives of the next WC 2008 organizers.
We handed over the world trophy (that David Hobby left with us last year) on the 24th of August to Semin, representative of the next WC 2008 organizers. Turkish team visited us in the evening that day. We had a great time and lots of fun.

All team worked together at 100% without any conflict. Everybody was fighting for the team. This team work leaded in the victory of juniors team and second place for the seniors team. Congratulation to Czech juniors and seniors for a great team results.
All Czech Seniors were flying with PIKE Perfect. Junior Tomas Kadlec was also flying with Perfect, 2nd junior Jakub Lžičas was flying with Perfect and Superior and 3rd member Martin Grmela was flying with Snake

Throphy of World Championship
Pictures of the world trophy with all 3 generations of PIKE that won World Championship. 2000 PIKE Plus at Corfu Jan Kohout, 2004 David Hobby with Superior, 2006 David Hobby with Perfect.

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