Czech Championship F3J

2nd-3rd of July F3J czech campionship in Podhořany took place.
All the top Czech pilots attended this championship.
Conditions were very difficult in most of the rounds and the fly off was even more difficult. There were only 3 full flying times in first fly off (Tupec, Šterba, Kohout all with Perfect) and second fly off only Tupec and Sterba flew full times.
Final results: ( Results .pdf )
1st Jaroslav Tupec, PIKE Perfect
2nd Vítězslav Sterba, PIKE Perfect
3rd Jan Kohout PIKE Perfect
5th Jaroslav, Vostřel PIKE Superior.
Tomas Kadlec was the best junior again with PIKE Perfect.
Perfect held all the top positions.

From left: 3. Jan Kohout, 1. Jaroslav Tupec, 2. Vítězslav Sterba, 1. Junior Tomas Kadlec

Left: Jan Kohout gets his prize. Right: Vítězslav Sterba gets his prize

Jaroslav Tupec walking the line!!

Happiest man on the field for sure! Always smiling.

Vostrel senior trying to get some shade..

Sterba and Tupec

New Vostrel pilots? Correct outfit atleast!