13-16.02.2010 - Brazil
First flying this year was in Brasil Sao Paolo 13-16th of February. where Jaroslav Vostřel and his wife Eva represented our team. Our friends from Sao Paolo invited them to this very kind event. This "competition" took place on a privat aifrield about 80 km from Sao Paolo. It was a very nice place. They would like to thanks them for their hospitality and kindness. They enjoyed lots of fun, great food. Weather was very warm, arrivel to Brazil was big change for them. In Czech Republic it was -15 C temperatures and 36C welcomed them in Brazil. Even night temperatures were not below 22C. World-known carnival took place there just in that days of their visit and they could not miss this party. It is big holiday for Brazilians and they enjoy it so much, there was such a great atmosphere. Once more thank you very much for chance to spend great 5 days with kind people in sunny Sao Paolo.

Practice in our field before departure to Brazil

Flight to Sao Paolo

Flying field

Winner John Luetke and Mario S. de Lucca

Sao paolo and dinner in Marlon Muter's house




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