Pike Weekend - The results kept coming in!
A huge congratulation to all the winners!

10.-11.6.2017 Eurotour contest 5.MB CUP 2017
1st Jrgen Plzl PIKE Precision
2nd Hans Rossmann PIKE Precision
3rd Benhard Flixeder PIKE Precision
Results HERE

Lofoten Open F3F Norway 2017 Euro tour and World Cup
Congratulation to John Phillips, the winner of the Lofoten open f3f Norway 2017 Euro tour and World Cup with his PIKE Precision !!! Results at

F5J FAI World-Cup / Eurotour (2. International Burgpokal 2017) in Brggen-Schwalmtal 10.-11.6.2017
1st Udo Dressel PIKE Dynamic / Perfection
2nd Claus Scholz PIKE Perfection
3rd Jrg Vogesland PIKE Perfection
4th Vlastimil Vostrel PIKE Dynamic
5th Julian Benz Explorer
6th Petr Malčk PIKE Dynamic
7th Peter Feigl PIKE Dynamic
8th Sebastian Feigl PIKE Dynamic
Big congratulationi to all !!!

Italian F5J Champion 2017
Congratulation to Roberto Bonafede new Italian F5J Champion 2017 with Pike Perfection!!



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