World Championship F3J 2016 Vipava, Slovenia

This year's WC was held in beautiful surroundings in Slovenian town Vipava. The championship was organizational flawlessly and easy. Thanks Mark and Jan !!!!! Due to inclement weather, the qualifying rounds were shortened to only three days. In those three days there was sunny and almost windless weather so only short launch and precision landing decided the results..
The first placed team was Germany's second team Italy and third team Czech Republic with Rajšner Martin, Jiří Duchaň and Jaroslav Vostřel (all flew with PIKE Perfection).
   Since Saturday's weather was unfavorable, all six final flights were flown on Friday. Only two pilots managed to complete all six flights with full times - Ján Littva and Marco Salvigni flying with Pike Perfection. After discard of the worst flight, the differences were very small. Arian Hucaljuk (CRO) won, second finished Jan Littva (SVK) Pike Perfection. third Dominik Prestel (GER), fourth Joe Wurst (NZL), fifth Salvigni Marco (ITA) Pike Perfection. Congratulations to all, but especially to Ján Littva, who followed the incredible series of results from past WCH. 2012 South Africa 2nd place, 1st place in 2014 Martin Slovakia, 2nd place 2016 Vipava Slovenia

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