17.-18.9. 2016 Bad Lagensalza GER

Last Eurotour contest f3j 2016 17.-18.9. 2016 Bad Lagensalza GER
The biggest f3j contest of this season (89 pilots).
Because of rainy weather the planned 6 preliminary rounds was reduced to 4 rounds and finals.
Congratulaiton to all fly off pilots!!!!

1. Kress Michael (GER) Pike Perfection
2 .Roemer, Cyrill (GER)
3. Vostrel, Jaroslav (Jun) (CZE) Pike Perfection
4. Weihe, Jan Christoph (GER)
5. Sholom, Nikita ( UKR)

1.Mahmoudi, Darius (GER)
2.Feigl, Benedikt (GER) Pike Perfection
3.Benz, Julian (GER)
4.Littva, Jan (SVK) Pike Perfection Celkově druhý v Eurotour 2016
5.Kress, Michaess Junior. (GER) Pike Perfection
6.Tunaboylu, Mehmet (TUR) Pike Perfection

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