Samba Cup 12-13.sept 2015

F3J competition with starts on electric winches with 40 competitors.
We managed to complete 8 preliminary rounds and 3 fly off flights in sunny weather and strong wind on Sunday. I t was a relaxed atmosphere during the whole competition.

3rd victory in row of reigning world champion
Jan Littva from Slovakia flying Pike Perfection
2nd Vítězslav Štěrba - Pike Perfection
3rd Jan Vácha - Pike Perfection
4th Jo Grini NOR - Pike Perfection
5th Luboš Pospíšil Jun. CZE –ENJOY 3

podium of seniors 1st Jan Littva SVK, 2nd Vítězslav Štěrba, 3rd Jan Vácha CZE,
4th Jo Grini NOR, 5th Luboš Pospíšil Jun.

Podium juniors 1. Luboš pospíšil jun. 2. Jaroslav Vostřel jun. 3. Viktor Tomčány SVK 4. Jan Bruner

Podium seniors 60 + 1 František Höfer, 2 Ferdinand Kalivoda, 3. Zdenek Vojkůvka

Potatoes for 4th place as usual in Czech. Jojo needs new ticket for Norway...


Our lovely smiling girls

Very important! Toilet paper and landing spots

Important work

Jana and Viteslav was expecting new pilot

Mayor of Sebranice






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