Why go to North Cyprus?
Because it is very nice and very nice people.
Nobody steals there (edit: Jo lost his phone in harbour but it was turned in to a local shop) and the sea is beautiful.
All sorts of plants and animals live there and it's worth a look.
But there is one disadvantage. Those who are not from Cyprus or from countries where they drive on the right side, must learn to drive on the left side.
It takes a while, but after two days it can be learned like anything.
In North Cyprus we were five days, three days on competition and two days on a trip.
On the trip we went with Eser and Jo. It was really nice there! We were on the ruins of the castle
St.Hilairon ,on Turtle beach, in the St. Barnabas church and also the oldest harbour in Kyrenia.
In summer, the water in the sea is very hot, but not in the spring. (Well, in spring you can still swim)
As far as food, it was mainly fish, but also vegetables and seafood.

I recommend everyone to go there!

Gabriela Vostřelov, 12 years




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