La Muela 2013

I'm just coming back from spain, where I participated to the FAI-eurotour contest of La Muela 2013.
I finished second, very very close to the  winner (50 pts only over 14000 pts, so 0.3% ! ), my national team mate Matthieu Mervelet.
We did 15 rounds in 2.5 days (but with 1 day of rain, so no flights). Overall, an excellent competition, with lot of action, strong wind up to the FAI limit of 25m/s, 2kg of ballast sometimes.
The Pike worked very well and once again I enjoyed it a lot, figthing successfully against lots of Freestylers (3, 4, and 4.3).

Attached is a picture of me after the comp.

More pictures of the event can be found on my picasa album at the following URL:

Very best regards,

Pierre Rondel.