From left nr.3 Jaroslav Vostrel - nr.1 Vitezslav Sterba - nr.2 Thomas Rosner

Samba Cup 2012
45 pilots attended this years Samba Cup. It was for the first time not invitation and it was last qualification for the National Czech Team for next years European Championship.
Saturday showed nice weather though winds became higher from a direction that meant some turbulence at low altitude and landing. Very difficult conditions meant that most groups were won with low flying times and the spread of scores was big. In the evening we had dinner at the village swimming pool facility and it was a joy to see Martin Rajsner get down on his knees for Lenka. She said yes to big applause from all their friends in the F3J community.
Sunday started with ran and continued out even after lunch. When some fog came in we decided to not wait any longer so we had price giving and lottery so all that were there got a little (or big) price to go home with.
Lots of video and pictures were taken so maybe later some more.
Results HERE (with discard HERE) details rd1 - rd2 - rd3 - rd4 - rd5 - rd6

Pictures by Martin Pilny HERE

Samba Cup 2013 ?
F3J competition with international participation
- starts on electric winches allowed... -
Everyone is welcome! date 14-15th of September 2013
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