PIKE -V is F3F / F3B model with elipsed wings
Pike F3B

Wing span: 2920 mm
Length: 1425 mm
Wing area: 62 dm2
V-tail area: 6,2 dm2
Wing section: RG 15 mod.
| Pike F3BAntenna solution

Versions and their weights:
Glass version: 2200 g
Carbon version: 2250 g
Double carbon - eXtreme: 2420 g
- carbon / rohacell or herex / carbon
- All versions are with carbon flaps and ailerons.
- The weights are for models with 2-piece tail.

- 1999 British National F3F champion- Kevin Newton with PIKE eXtreme
- 1999 British Model Flying Association National League winner - Kevin Newton with PIKE eXtreme
- 30 Donau - Wander pokal-Fliegen (F3F) 1998 1st place H. Hass

The other pictures of PIKE F3B/F3F
Pike F3B
Pike F3B