14-15th of August 2010 Hollandglide - www.hollandglide.nl

About 102 competitors fighting in different conditions - thermally warm
weather with evening calm rounds but also windy weather on Sunday including
fly off. the wind was more than 10 m/s time to time. These conditions
checked qualitites of pilots.
1st Dominik Prestelle with PIKE Perfect - only one pilot managed to fly
all 3 final flights with full time, he won deservedly.
2nd Christian Reinecke
3rd Karl Hinsch who was flying with PIKE Perfect and Perfect ET
6th Jarosalv Vostrel flying with PIKE Perfect and Perfect ET
competition was very well organized and thanks to all for great event
Jaroslav Vostrel would like to thanks to all team of Thomas Rössner for
great team work and help.


Utz - always happy


Jaroslav watches a launch

Czech beer works for many nations

Jaroslav landing

Jaroslav and Thomas

Karl and Jaroslav

www.f3j.com - samba 2010