Pike perfect taking the first three places on the Bulgarian F3J Cup 2007.

On the weekend of 14th and 15th July the Model-Aeroclub of Dupnitsa (Bulgaria) was hosting the second Bulgaria Cup F3J on behalf of the CONTEST-Eurotour. Sotir Lazarkov and his voluntary helpers spent their weekend to provide a very nice competition with a kind of "familiar touch". Bulgaria is hard to reach for most of the western european countries, but I guess all the 40 competitors of this years event would state, that it's worth to go there. Dupnitsa is situatet beneath the Rila Mountain Range which arises 2700m high just asides the Flying site. Thus the weather and thermalconditions are pretty much affected by this geographic constellation. Up to 30 C during the day and 15 C in the night grant a high temperature difference for a lively thermal buildup on the one handside. On the other handside the mountains affect the weather in a classical "Valleywind-sheme", so that the windspeeds are developing up to 8 - 10 m/s (~20mph) very trustable each day around noontime.

Therefore the morning rounds were relatively easy to fly. Low winds, big thermals, nearly no sink. Only the landing task was kind of difficult sometimes because of rapid changes in the winddirection. But as soon as the wind set in one often could see helpers running to bring planes back from downwind or pilots landing very early. Mustafa Koc (TUR) turned out to be the only pilot not flying one "bad" result. The other five Flyoff-participants needed to scratch one bad result to enter the Finals, which showed up with the same difficult conditions. Very energetic air - Lots of wind, lots of thermals and lots of sink!

Philip Kolb (GER) was the only one to manage two full flights, followed by Murat Esibatir (TUR) who could max out the second round and fly nine minutes in the first. 3rd place was taken by Mustafa Koc (TUR) who thereby completed a victorious "all Pike perfect Podium".

Philip Kolb

Fly-off Results Bulgaria Cup F3J 2007

Nr. Pilot Score Round 1 Score Round 2 Total Score

1 Philip Kolb (GER) 1000.00 999.90 1999.90
2 Murat Esibatir (TUR) 689.35 1000.00 1689.35
3 Mustaf Koc (TUR) 543.89 939.37 1483.26
4 Damir Kmoch (CRO) 358.97 807.33 1166.30
5 Igor Pongrac (CRO) 0.00 996.17 996.17
6 Sebastian Feigl (GER) 552.65 341.32 893.97