Jura Cup - Eurotour F3J 13-14.june 2009

13.-14.th of June was competition in Arbois. As usually it is the biggest F3J eurotour competition in Europe with the best pilots. 151 pilots was registered, 146 was flying. On Saturday there was lot of thermals and little wind, landing was the most important.
On sunday there was less thermals but all good pilots managed it. The 14th pilot in fly off lost 13,5 points.
Preliminary rounds was won by Timo Ganser, German junior flying with PIKE Perfect.
Fly off was also mostly landing contest even if about 1/3 of pilots did not complete full time.
Philip Kolb won the fly off with PIKE Perfect. His fly off times were steady 14:57,4, 14:57,1, 14:57,8, 14:58,2. his landings were 99, 98 , 98 , 99 (4 flights as there were 2 midairs during first flight so one reflight)
The best junior was also Timo Ganser with Perfect.
Scores preliminary rounds HERE - Scores finals HERE -
Some info on RCgroups thread HERE

Congratulation to all from Samba model