European Championship F3J 2003

European Championship F3J, Deva 2003
Congratulation to all the winners of medals and to all helpers of the teams that probably also have earned a medal! A special congratulation from us to the following pilots:

- 1st Kohout
- 5th Vostřel
- Tupec got 100 points penalization (Safety coridor) and he felt down from the second to the 18th place.
1st placed senior team
- Jan Kohout - 7 flights of preliminary rounds with PIKE Plus and 2 flights with crossing Superior and all fly off flights with X-Superior
- Jaroslav Vostřel - crossing tail Superior
- Jaroslav Tupec - crossing tail Superior
- 2nd Rajšner - CZK - v-tail Superior
- 3rd Markovič - SLO - crossing tail Superior

Success of Superior | Download detailed results (excel 66kb .zip) | Official site

Jaroslav Vostrel, Jan Kohout, Jaroslav Tupec

Left: Team winners podium. Right: Junior podium, M. Rajšner, Thomas Fischer, G. Markovic

Tupec in the last second for 100points!

Rajšner going for the 100points landing!