- FAI Pike Dynamic F3J loading version. See here
- New electro nose possibillities. see here
- Pike Dynamic dominated the European contests so far in 2017 READ HERE

Producing a new model that will beat the competition is very difficult, you can be certain that we did it. The new Dynamic is more than you might expect at first sight. Although visually similar to the Perfection the Dynamic is an all new design. Two of the most important qualities of a F5J model are the ability to circle at very low altitudes while in a thermal and to be able to move around the sky with minimal loss in height. The Dynamic excels in both areas, combined with low flying weights and improved controllability in landing we believe the Dynamic is the perfect choice for F5J pilots.
The Dynamic was designed using CAD/CAM technology, all parts are completely produced out of carbon fiber.
Dynamic vs. Perfection

  •  New F5J specific airfoil- Exact camber changes must be made for each Flight Mode, this allows unbelievable range in speed.

  •  Thinner Fuselage

  •  Increased dihedral on wings tips allows for increased turning performance. Center joiner can be 3 or 5.3 degress. Wider flaps for increased landing control and wider ailerons for more precise handling.

  •  RTF weight starting at 1100g.

  •  Control of flaps and ailerons is available with our LDS system or delivered with 2mm GFK control horns

  •  Elevator and rudder are produced using machined solid core foam technology with low weights.

The PIKE Dynamic is delivered with pre-bonded pushrod housings in the fuselage, wire harness installed wings and supplied for fuselage, GFK control horns (if customer doesnít order LDS) for ailerons and flaps, couplers for pushrods in fuselage, and 2mm carbon fiber pushrods.
Many pilots want extremely low flying weights but low weight wonít do you any good if you canít get back to the landing tape. In F5J, competition results are often decided by who can catch a thermal and return from downwind.
Itís not necessary to write any more about the new Dynamic, better go try one for yourself.

Samba Models

Wing area 75,92dm2 - Vtail area 7,5dm2 - Total FAI 84,42dm2 ( apx 1690g F3J 2019)

Building instructions and settings can be found HERE



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